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Corporate Relocation


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KSpace work with Relocate2Sheffield, helping to provide the interim serviced accomodation, whilst they assist with the relocation and search for the ideal permanent home

Relocate2Sheffield offer a specialist service helping individuals and their families to relocate and companies to attract, move and retain talented individuals to our wonderful city region.

The service has proved extremely useful during preliminary negotiations between local companies and prospective employees, in helping highly sought after candidates to say ‘yes’ to the job by providing them with a detailed picture of life in the region and therefore helping them to make an informed and positive decision to relocate.

We put together attractive relocation support packages for key professionals; providing practical and emotional support for anyone considering a move. We include the whole family; advising on education, lifestyle and careers for partners. This makes the whole recruitment and relocation process an easier and more positive experience.

For any business, recruiting the right person for a key position takes up a lot of your time and money. If that person or their family find it difficult to relocate or don’t settle in properly, then you could risk losing them before they start the job, or even worse six months down the line after a lot of time and effort has been spent on their induction and training.

We pride ourselves in providing a fast and streamlined service to help people make informed choices about their move; we support their decisions and help them to achieve a relocation that’s as stress free as possible.

With over 10 years of experience,we know the common pitfalls; have numerous contacts and relationships with our support network, without having ties to a particular agent. We are not a national company and do not rely on the internet to source generic information, facts and figures; we are a Sheffield based company and are familiar with local areas, properties, agents, schools and so on – we know immediately how to begin our search, based on our bespoke client profiling procedure.

Relocate2Sheffield are willing to ‘go the extra mile’ and are renowned for their flexibility, offering several service levels options to suit a client’s needs and budget. This can range from the most basic of property searches; for example, we work with clients who use our service exclusively to secure temporary accommodation for their employees working in Sheffield on temporary secondments; right through to full departmental relocations.

We’re passionate about our city region and our knowledge and expertise are instrumental in encouraging talent from outside the region to move here.

If you would like more information, then please contact us


Wayne Coyle - Director, Podium Projects

I would have no hesitation in saying that Relocate2Sheffield was instrumental when it came to getting people that we needed to work in the business to take up the position. As well as offering the services they do, they said that Relocate2Sheffield sold the city to them and helped convince their families to move. I would go as far as saying that they may not have come to Sheffield otherwise.

Alfred Piesinger – CEO, Siemens VAI

I would like to thank you very much indeed for the professional advice and excellent selection of apartments. My wife is very impressed with the apartment and she appreciates your thoughts on sending the links to potential work opportunities for her.

I must say it could not have been a better experience, you did an excellent job selecting the properties and we would have had two to choose from - job well done! Your skills and knowledge of the Sheffield market and your dedication to the task was fantastic - keep it up. Please use my name as a reference and ask candidates to speak to me if they wish to have further details.

Harry Pepper - FD, Metalysis

Over the past six years, Metalysis has recruited a range of managers, engineers and scientists; many of whom have relocated to South Yorkshire. Relocate2Sheffield has provided a great service at excellent value that helped employees to find the right house to buy or rent, locate schools and generally feel supported during their relocation. Not only was the service gratefully received by the individuals, but it helped demonstrate the company's commitment to its staff.

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